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A Venue of Timeless Beauty from Filmedia on Vimeo.

Imagine the opening night of The Lion King. The theatre is packed; there is a buzz of excitement. The conductor lifts his baton and the music fills the auditorium as the curtain sweeps open, but something is not quite right – somebody has forgotten to dim the lights and the moment is ruined.

The perfect wedding must have all the aspects of theatre and the bridal couple must hold centre stage. This is not as easy as it seems as a wedding is actually a complex order of events with many priorities which do not always work together. Not only must the wedding be choreographed, but one also has to manage the guests, the photographic session, the meal and also some less than exciting formalities. All the ‘actors’ are amateurs, there is no dress rehearsal and the premiere is the last performance!

Music is a very powerful and significant part of your day and deserves as much attention as the décor, the dress and even the setting. You will need an expert with experience. Music plays on emotions and is the silver thread that draws all the elements together, past and present to make the day richer than you could ever have imagined.

The speeches are as much a part of ‘Showbiz’ as the rest of your wedding and best of all, it is free! Speeches should be taken seriously. If public speaking is daunting, the well prepared speech, if delivered with sincerity can be read verbatim and will still hit the mark every time.

Lighting is a much neglected yet subtle aspect of every wedding. It is not difficult to understand how it makes a difference. Lighting needs to be soft and romantic, but also sufficient for the videographer and photographer to work without obtrusive additional lighting and flash. Candles offer fantastic lighting opportunities. With 150 glass candles in the roof of the Homestead, the atmosphere is spectacular.

Limited only by your imagination, the décor options are mind boggling. This is why décor is so exciting. The décor at a function does much more than make the venue look pretty, it creates the whole dreamy atmosphere of weddings and echoes the romance and beauty of the occasion. It is not enough for a wedding to look good, it must be a wonderful experience for your guests. This is a once in a lifetime event, spoil your guests and have fun together!